What To Do When Weather Sends Your Class Indoors

If the cold, rain, wind, or some other event sends your kids inside for playtime, what’s your Plan B?

Or do you need a new one?

Whether you’re in a large outdoor area, indoor gym, carpeted classroom, or home at the kitchen table, you can set up a variety of games that are safe, fun, and mindful of equipment and adult supervision.

Bob the Bunny
Introduce your kids to “Bob the Bunny,” a small object, ball, or stuffed bunny. Standing in a circle, students place their hands behind their backs. Choose one student to be in the middle and ask them to close their eyes. The group begins chanting in rhythm, “Bob the Bunny, Bob, Bob, the Bunny!” while passing the bunny around the circle, keeping the bunny behind them. Once the bunny is in motion, the student in the middle opens their eyes, and gets three guesses as to who is holding the bunny.

Dots and Boxes
To play Dots, you need a paper and two different colored pens or pencils. Start by drawing 6×6 dots on the page and challenge your kids to go up to 30×30 or more. Players take turns with a different color pen creating line segments between dots. When a player forms a square with their line, they put their initial in that square and play again. The game continues until all the lines between the dots have been drawn.

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