Tools and Tips for Educators

Want to promote positive play on your playground? Find tools, tips, tricks, and strategies that support safe and healthy play for all kids!


 Recess Checkup


Start with the Recess Checkup—a three-minute quiz that will help you assess the current state of your recess.

Through the Recess Checkup, you will:

  • Gain insight into areas of strength and those that need improvement
  • Receive relevant strategies that promote positive change
  • Be empowered to promote a safe and healthy recess culture for all students

Take the Checkup

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Seeking tools to tackle specific playground or classroom issues?

Need strategies to help students resolve their own conflicts?

Check out our solutions page to find resources for these, and many other, common playground challenges.

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Proactively Manage Your Classroom

Keeping the attention of energetic kids is challenging.

But, it’s also an opportunity to build relationships and have some fun.

Take a proactive approach to group management with these tips.

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