Share Your Story of Play

Thanks for getting involved with Recess Lab! Now, will you share your story?

We know that no two students or two schools are exactly alike. Whether you’re a recess pro or just getting started, we’d love to know more about why you’re here.

Take a moment to tell us what you’re seeing, what’s working, and what could be improved on your playground. You can use these prompts, or write free-form:

  • What’s working at recess? What could be better?
  • How do you help students to resolve conflict on their own?
  • What are some techniques to get children to focus in the classroom?
  • If you’re a parent, how aware are you of recess at your child’s school? What would you like to see change, if anything?
  • What would you like help with? Anything else we should know?

Thanks again, and keep an eye on your inbox — we’ll be sending you recommendations for getting the most out of recess at your school.

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