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Subject: Check out this new online quiz for a better recess


I just took the Recess Checkup from Recess Lab — a new resource to help principals and teachers rediscover the power of play.

The Recess Checkup is a brief, online quiz (three minutes or less) with straightforward questions designed to give educators a sense of how our recesses stack up in three key areas: safety, engagement, and empowerment. The quiz is 100% confidential. Only you can see your results, and we’ll never share your answers with anyone.

After taking the quiz, you’ll get a personalized plan for improvements, with practical tips and proven games to help kids with social-emotional learning and conflict resolution, among other common recess opportunities and challenges.

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Recess Lab is a project of Playworks, a nonprofit that’s been working with elementary schools to incorporate safe and healthy play or more than 20 years.